Enrique Bernárdez (1949) is professor of Linguistics at the Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. He has worked for many years on textlinguistics, linguistic typology and the relations between culture and language. He is also active in translation, especially from Icelandic and Danish into Spanish. He has published books and papers in refereed international and national journals in different countries, as well as in collective books. Among his latest publications. Viaje lingüístico por el mundo, introducción a la tipología de las lenguas, 2016 (book), “Evidentiality – a cultural interpretation”, 2017). “From butchers and surgeons to the linguistic method”, 2016; “Evidentiality and the Epistemic Use of the Icelandic Verbs Sjá and Heyra. A Cultural Linguistic View” (2013); “A cognitive view on the role of culture in translation”, 2013. “On the cultural character of Metaphor”, 2013.